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The free sample will give you a taste of Plexus Slim, but it takes at least 1 to 2 weeks for most to start seeing the results. Just know this up front. 

As for the taste, some say it tastes like pink lemonade.
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Plexus is hot because it works!  Be the first to offer it in your area!  This is a true ground floor MLM with a product that sells itself!  Those who share it are blowing the doors off!  Learn about the Plexus Slim ambassador program...

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Free Sample of Plexus Slim
All-Natural Weight Loss & MORE...

Plexus Slim is a highly effective product that tastes great!

Although Plexus stopped giving away samples months ago, I have continued to provide this option.  Other distributors stopped giving samples as soon as Plexus stopped, but I wanted to make it easy for you to try. Being that they cost a few dollars each by the time I mail them, I have to begin charging a minimal amount to cover our costs, but at least you are able to try the product for the cost of a cup of coffee to see if you like the taste!

The testimonials prove that it works; you just need to decide if you're ready. 

I have trial packs in the following sizes for very minimal prices:
         1 Day, 3 Days or 7 Days

To try a trial pack of Plexus Slim, simply follow the steps below...

      1.  Write down this name & ID#: 
           Eric & Heather Normand (Ambassador ID #108784)
      2.  Click on the link below to reach the form.

Request your Plexus Slim Trial Sample

      3.  Heather or I will call or email you see which trail you would like
      4.  You can pay via Paypal or mail it in.

That's It!  You'll have it in just a few days! 

Click the link above, & fill in the details,
 to get your trial sample of Plexus Slim

and a free E-Report.

Pink Drink - Plexus Free Sample

If you're ready for more than a single pack,
you can order more below...



What is Plexus Slim?


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