How to Become a Plexus Slim
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Step by Step: How to Become a Plexus Ambassador

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How to Become a Plexus Slim Ambassador

Step by step tutorial...

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1.   Click here Become Plexus Ambassador and you will see this:

(click to enlarge)

This is where you select what will be included with your Ambassador Welcome Kit!  You can choose to start with one several "packs" which include different mixes of the Plexus products and a year of your own Plexus Ambassador website!


Pack H is the best value with 3 months of Slim & Accelerator!  Never again will you get it this low!  Keep 1 for yourself or sell all 3 and make $100 on your first order.

2. Make a selection, read the terms, and click "Agree" at the bottom and the next page will look like this:

(click to enlarge)

This is where you select your AutoQualification option. You don't have to make a selection but know that your AutoQual must be turned on in order to be paid on any sales or ambassador signups.  AutoQual is what you would like to have shipped to you each month. 


AutoQual orders only ship on months where you donot hit $100 in sales.

3. Make your Auto Qual selection, hit "Agree" and the next page will look like this:

4. Create a name for your website address & fill in your contact / payment details.  That's it!  Within minutes, you will have your assigned Id # and a link to your own personal Plexus website!  You can begin setting it up with the easy to use wizard and be ready to share your site within 10 minutes.

In just a few days, you will receive your Welcome Kit which also includes some training materials.  We will personally provide you with many more materials, tips, etc...  We will also give you access to a full business building  tutorial to help Kickstart your business and put much of it on autopilot!  MLM in the information age sure is easy :-) 

If for some reason you should be asked for an Ambassador #,
please use 108784. My wife, Heather and I pledge to give you as much support and assistance as you would like. A good team makes all the difference!  I hope this tutorial help make the process easier.  Let us know of any questions or anything you need.

Call Eric or Heather at 601-749-5817
or email us


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